Black Lives Matter

MIMA is an anti-racist institution. We have a long-standing commitment to equity, equality and inclusion, and we oppose injustice. The galvanising force of the last few months of the Black Lives Matter movement shows that transformation must come, and we are committed to making change.

We want to ensure that commitments we make are owned and invested in across our team. In the next six months, we will prioritise the following five actions:

  • We have set baseline targets for the work of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic artists in exhibitions and collection displays (30%) and for acquiring works by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic artists (40%) for the Middlesbrough Collection.
  • We have agreed steps to diversify the governance of MIMA and will implement this work by December 2020.
  • From the listening sessions held with the team we have produced an initial reading list, to support staff to build their knowledge and confidence. A monthly reading and reflection group will now be established, alongside a cross-organisational working group to reflect on our progress with these actions.
  • We are reflecting the importance of these actions by prioritising them in our revised business plan (July 2020)
  • We understand the need for the MIMA School of Art & Design curricular and public programmes to support the development of this work more explicitly. In the first instance we will commission writing and reading lists, to be published in our course handbooks and in our public resources.

In the longer term, we are continuing workforce development, including recruitment and training, programme and curricular work, and will continue sector advocacy and engage with external frameworks to support our work and share our learning.